Six Creative Ways to Use Fountain Grasses in Your Florida Garden

Fountain grass is a perennial plant beloved for its easy maintenance and cascading leaves. Whether you use fountain grass in Florida as a focal point, accent or screen, they can make a lovely addition to your landscape or garden.

Adding Privacy

Grouping fountain grass plants together can create an attractive screen for unpleasant views. Use them to block your outdoor air conditioning unit, garbage cans or anything that detracts from your landscape.

Accenting Your Garden

Ornamental grasses are ideal accent plants because of their unique texture and cascading leaves. Tuck them throughout your landscape, particularly in sunny areas, to tie your garden together visually.

Creating Texture in Containers

Container gardens are wonderful for adding color and visual interest to spaces where plants can’t grow in the ground, like on your deck or patio. Add fountain grass to your containers to create texture and contrast.

Adding Texture to Borders and Beds

Fountain grass adds a unique texture to flower beds and borders. The soft lines will look stunning when paired with plants with bolder colors or textures.

Softening Architectural Lines

Planting ornamental grasses near walls and paving can soften their edges and make them feel more warm and inviting.

Creating Edging

A tidy line of ornamental grasses creates a pleasing border for walkways or paths. Plant your grasses a bit closer together to encourage them to grow in one line.