More Than”Just” A Cardboard Box

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Biz Hybrid

The cardboard box is a modern miracle, full of versatility and uses limited only by the extent of your imagination. While there are countless practical uses for cardboard boxes, there are plenty of creative ways to recycle and use them as well! Cardboard boxes are plentiful, but not all are made equal, which is why it’s important to understand the difference between true cardboard boxes and boxes made by corrugated box manufacturers. Sometimes, corrugated boxes are the ideal choice. Other times, cardboard may do the trick.

What’s The Difference?

Each edge of a corrugated box contains, unsurprisingly, corrugated paper. Due to the structure of this paper, columns of air are created between the layers of the boxing material which allows for cushioning and more secure shipping. These ridges within corrugated boxes allow for more pressure resistance, making boxes produced by corrugated box manufacturers ideal for packing, shipping, or moving.

Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are not nearly as durable. Think of a shoebox, for example.

Creative Uses for Cardboard

Despite having less durability than corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes still have their own uses, too! Consider recycling cardboard boxes for a few of the following uses:

  • Decorated or not, an old shoebox can make a great storage unit or filing unit for old letters, postcards, photos, or any other items without much weight that you want to keep preserved.
  • Use old cardboard boxes as a recycling bin! By gathering your papers, bottles, and recyclable cardboard packaging within a larger box, you make it easier on yourself to take it outside for pickup each week.

Reusing Corrugated Boxes

  • In a world where making online sales is common, don’t be afraid to reuse boxes for shipping, as long as their sturdiness is up to the task.
  • Storage, storage, storage! Corrugated boxes are perfect to use for storing old Christmas ornaments, heavy foods during harvest time, or any other heavy items you want to keep organized.

You can probably imagine a list all its own for arts and crafts, so have fun with it—never throw away your cardboard or corrugated boxes again.

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