The Best Reasons to Utilize Temp Agencies

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Employment Agency

When you run a business, there are dozens of things you need to worry about every single day. One of the things that most companies struggle with is finding talented and qualified employees to fill positions that are crucial. This is one of the reasons many companies work with temp agencies in Jacksonville, FL. Agencies have the knowledge and resources to recruit the right people for your team. Below we’ll outline some of the reasons to consider a temp agency.

Save Time

A lot goes into hiring someone for a position. You need to write a job description, go through resumes, hold interviews, and more. In fact, based on a report by Glassdoor, it takes an average of 23 days to bring someone new into your office. With temp agencies in Jacksonville, FL, you can pass on a lot of the work to someone else. The staffing agency can find the right candidates and you can take care of choosing the right person to bring on to your team.

Qualified Candidates

Temp agencies make their livelihood on being capable of finding the right candidates for a position. These people understand the industry you are in and know what requirements and skills are needed in new workers. This also means they might be able to bring in a candidate you’d have trouble finding on your own. These agencies can also look at a resume and understand whether it’s a fit and ask questions to ensure the knowledge you need is provided.

Save Money

It’s a fact that many companies believe a staffing agency is going to be too expensive for them. However, these agencies can often save you money in the end. Anytime you hire someone, you need to pay for training and getting the person set up and ready to go. If you hire the wrong person, all of that money is gone without offering you anything for it. A temp agency is able to reduce turnover, which drops your costs. All candidates are vetted in advance to be sure they will fit well with your team and unique requirements.

At Stafforce in Jacksonville, we do the screening you need to get the worker you dream of. Each job candidate goes through a 10-step screening process to ensure they fit your needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get the employees you desire, visit us at website.

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