Gardiner Poles: Why They’re Popular

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Cleaning Supplies Store

If you have never heard of Gardiner poles before, you may not know how helpful they are or why you need them. Gardiner offers many extendable poles, brush heads, and other products, all of which can increase your range and reach during window cleaning. You’ll find five different products available, and it can help to learn more about them. The CLX is used for second- and third-floor work. They range in length from 18 feet to 32 feet, and you can also find an extension that can be purchased separately.

Gardiner poles aren’t all one and the same, though they look similar because they are all made from the same brand. The SLX comes in a variety of sizes, too, and has a matte-carbon finish. It’s made of 100 percent carbon fibre, making it lightweight yet rigid. The Super-Max comes in multiple lengths, as well. The longer poles can work well for the fourth floor, and it comes in a matte-carbon finish, making it twice as hard as lacquer and resin coatings. You can also find a Super-lite version. The Xtreme series is one of the most popular for stiffness and lightness. The poles can be used for everyday cleaning needs, but the pole can extend upwards of 70 feet.

Window Cleaning Supplies understands how important it is to get the right tools for the job. Without them, you can’t do your work or may have to work in more dangerous conditions. For example, you may need to carry a bucket up to the ladder, which could cause you to trip or lose your footing and fall. Along with such, most of the Gardiner poles use clean-water technology, which means the scrub (not attached but available for purchase) removes unwanted dirt while the water feature rinses. Because you should only use deionized water, the results are amazing.

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