There is a Lot to Say About Rose Wine

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Food & Drink

Wine When You Are on the Move

There is always a time when wine lovers wish there was a way to enjoy a delicate Rosé wine at a picnic, beach or even poolside at home. Wine bottles for these occasions may be a tad inconvenient.

A Glass of Rosé
What could be more romantic than enjoying the sun and surf and a fine Rosé wine for two? The answer is Rosé All Day canned wine created by Big Hammer Wines.

This is an innovative idea that answers the problem of toting wine bottles. Instead, Rosé All Day canned wine is ready and waiting whenever you long for a bubbly, delicate wine. How much more convenient can it get?

Cast Doubts Aside About Rosé Wine in Cans
If you are dubious about Rosé wine in a can, doubt no more. Big Hammer Winery has been a vintner of a broad range of wines since 2008. Today, Rosé wine in cans has taken on growing popularity among the most mobile individuals.

All About Rosé Wine in Cans
There is something so special about French Sparkling Rosé. Maybe it is that captivating pink hue. Mostly, it is the aroma and delicate body that marries so well with outdoor beach or picnic menus. Vinepair ranked this Big Hammer Wine creation No. 1.

Big Hammer Wines sells Rosé All Day canned wine in 250ml aluminum cans for easy carrying to the pool, a picnic or the beach.

If you prefer to purchase a case, it contains six packs with four cans each. That’s a total of 24 cans per box, enough to last “All Day.” This is also equivalent to eight bottles of 750ml of wine.

Order Online for Added Convenience
Join the Big Hammer Wine community of wine lovers and shop for a variety of other wines to fill your wine cellar. For more details or to order your canned wine, visit us website

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