Window Cleaning with Unger: Products

by | May 4, 2019 | Cleaning Supplies Store

Are you living inside an apartment building? Are you unable to reach the windows to your rooms? Do you need an all-encompassing window cleaning to improve the air quality in your home? Then Unger has the solution for you. There is a wide range of products to choose from depending on your purpose. Continue reading to find out more.

Unger has individual products to suit your entire window cleaning needs. There are joint angle adapters, duster brushes, easy glide glass cleaners, ergonomic glass scrapers, and much more. Each product is ideal for cleaning windows, and also walls, fans, etc. There are product ranges such as the Stingray, Classic, Ergotec, Monsoon, and Ninja. Each range has adjustable extension poles, dusters, compatible belts, holsters, and hooks. The brand also carries microfiber towelling pads, neoprene gloves, polishing pads, and other items. It also offers kit options. These are compatible product groupings for different levels or capacities. There is a start-up kit for basic and professional. Basic kits are for homeowners, while professional kits are for professional window cleaners or cleaning companies. Furthermore, there are detergents, cleaning solutions, and chemicals available to make your life easier. The liquid is a very concentrated cleaning soap, which has powerful cleaning power and needs to be diluted with water. The gel soap can be directly applied and guarantees streak-free results.

Where can you get access to these amazing products? They are accessible at World Wide Cleaning Supplies. Its online store has countless options to suit your needs from the various ranges and individual products mentioned above. It only provides the best quality products, so it is no surprise that it supplies Unger products. It has the best options for outdoor and indoor window cleaning. Check out the website to see the affordable, high-quality products for your window cleaning needs.

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