The Advantages of Using Window Cleaning Squeegees

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Cleaning Supplies Store

Everyone knows that window cleaning squeegees are an excellent tool. The design is humble with its rubber or silicone blade and handle, but it’s highly effective for removing moisture from surfaces. The simplicity of it makes it amazing to see how it has changed the way people clean windows.

With just one pass, the squeegee can remove oils, water, dirt, and cleaning fluid, ensuring that nothing is left behind but a dry, clean surface with a beautiful shine. They’re ubiquitous, inexpensive, and come in many sizes. Plus, the word itself is fun to say.


While most people think of window cleaning squeegees for the windows of their building, you can use them in other areas of the office or home. Of course, you can use them on windows in any room, but you can also use them on bathroom mirrors. Homeowners may enjoy using a squeegee on the shower glass or even the shower walls to remove every bit of water. It also removes soap scum and body oil from the surface, as well.

You can use the squeegee alone or with cleaning materials to get the perfect blend for your needs.

Expand the Mind

Of course, you may want to purchase different squeegees for different areas of the home or office, but you can use them on any flat surface that is hard. Even horizontal surfaces can benefit from a quick pass of the squeegee. Used alone or with cleaner, it can remove germs, dirt, and residue and also dries that surface completely.

Many companies are switching primarily to squeegee cleaning methods because it is so efficient and fast. It works well to clean desks (just remove all the paperwork and other items first), tables, countertops, and even walls. The options are limitless, and you can clean the entire space in less time.

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