There Are Different Chafing Dish Sets for Different Catered Buffets

There Are Different Chafing Dish Sets for Different Catered Buffets

Chafing dish sets are essential in the catering industry. Chafing dishes form the foundation of food presentation. They are not only used in the catering industry. They are also used extensively in restaurants that serve hot dish buffets. Chafing dishes can keep food warm up to six hours. It depends on the amount of fuel used as a heat source. There is nothing better, nothing more convenient or affordable than serving food in a chafing dish.

What Is a Chafing Dish?

Chafing dish sets consist of a lid, a food pan, a shallow pan for water, a rack, and chafing fuel. The indirect heat from the heated water keeps the food from scorching or drying out, but it does stay hot. There are other heat sources, namely electricity and gas. They all use water as the medium to transfer heat to the food pan. They are used in fixed installations, such as restaurants. They are also portable, making them ideal for off-site catered meals.

Chafing dishes are not used for cooking food. The food is cooked elsewhere. The chafing dish keeps it warm during the serving period.

Chafing Dish Fuel

To ensure that the heat can be controlled, the fuel is placed in a holder with a dampener. It is simple to light. Remove the lid and light it with a long stem lighter. To increase the heat, rotate the lid. There are two common fuels used for chafing dishes, liquid and gel. It is becoming more common for catering companies to use clean-burning fuel in a refillable canister. The process is similar to charging butane lighters.

For restaurants or catering companies, chafing dish sets make a great deal of sense. With chafing dishes, food quality is guaranteed. They are the answer to perfectly presented food.