The Green Flags of a High-Quality Nicotine Supplier

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Nicotine Manufacturer

Looking for a high-quality nicotine supplier can be burdensome for most, but it shouldn’t be so considering the existence of strict regulations in place for nicotine manufacture. These regulations ensure that only products of the highest quality are sold globally, thus garnering and strengthening consumer trust.

Here are some green flags to take note of when scouting your next nicotine supplier:


This is the most basic requirement for any manufacturer and/or supplier. A nicotine supplier who complies with FDA’s tobacco regulations means two things: one, it is legal to do business, and two, it is transparent about the ingredients it uses and its products’ potential harmful health effects.


This is another minimum requirement for any manufacturer and/or supplier that produces or handles products for human consumption. It basically certifies that the nicotine supplier has quality assurance and quality control systems in place to keep contamination at bay and maintain the safety and quality of the products.

USP/EP Grade

A nicotine supplier who can supply USP/EP grade nicotine products exhibits confidence in its extraction process, being that it can obtain nicotine extracts according to US Pharmacopeia and European Pharmacopeia standards.

In-house Analytical Tests

If a nicotine supplier is capable of conducting in-house analytical tests to monitor its manufacturing process, confidence can be placed on the fact that it can produce products of consistent quality. With such analytical tests in place, it can be said that the manufacturer has strict specifications that it adheres to, ensuring that each product it produces is of high quality – usually higher than minimum standards.

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