The Main Difference Between RV Warranty and RV Insurance

The Main Difference Between RV Warranty and RV Insurance

Before a person or couple purchases an RV, it is very important they take a number of factors into account. This is especially true in regards to how much they are willing to financially invest not only in the RV itself but also the RV warranty and insurance. The reason for this is while there can be a tremendous amount of fun for RV owners including the ability to travel along with a large amount of freedom. At the end of the day, an RV is still a machine. This means like any other type of machine, it is bound to eventually suffer some sort of mechanical issue at a later point in time.

The Cost

It is for this reason that people should always purchase an RV warranty whenever they purchase a new RV. However, in several instances people often use the terms “RV warranty” and “RV insurance” interchangeably. This is a mistake, as they are most definitely not the same thing. Making this mistake in thinking could end up costing an unsuspecting person thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time.

In order to help consumers understand the difference between these two things, it would be a good idea to examine the two in more detail so as to help clear up any misunderstandings about the separate policies.

Differences in Terms of Service Provided

The main difference between these two things is insurancefor an RV covers the same type of things that regular car insurance protects against, such as theft or damage from fire or severe rain storms. In contrast, RV warranties help to protect against mechanical failures and other issues that may be related to a manufacturing issue with the RV.

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