Three Best Places to Place or Hide Your Security Cameras at Home

When it comes to security cameras, the market offers too many options for both indoor and outdoor security systems. If you are into tightening security in your home, you should start shopping for a professional security company to help you with your goal. Setting up a security system is not just about paying for those cameras, you should also know where to best place your security camera systems in Chicago.

Here are three perfect places to have a security camera.

Front Door

A lot of things are coming in and out of your front door. It is also wrong to assume that thieves and intruders use the side door or windows during break-in. Thieves and robbers can always use the front door for easy access and faster way out.

Your front door security camera can also keep a tab of the people coming in and out of your home like delivery people, visitors, and even your pets.

Garage and Driveway

If you have a garage with cars, bikes, sports equipment, and grill among others, it is best to have a dedicated security camera towards it. Even if it is a detached garage, your security camera will keep it connected to your home.

If you have a gate in your garage, make sure that your camera is aimed at it or captures anyone that goes in and out of the said gate.

Back Door

Statistics say that at least 22% of thieves and robbers use the back door to get in when robbing a home. State-of-the-art security cameras rotate up to 360 degrees and if you have side doors near your backyard, that side door stays protected as well.

If the budget is not an issue, you can have security camera systems in Chicago that will provide you with CCTV in every door. That would mean total protection 24/7.

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