Why Businesses Install Commercial Fire Alarm System in Bowling Green KY

by | Dec 11, 2019 | Fire and Security

Fire can result in serious life threatening injuries and expensive property damages. There are fire safety rules and regulations that businesses have to follow in order to operate their company and keep their employees and customers safe. In fact, there are several compelling reasons to install an effective commercial fire alarm system Bowling Green KY business owners should carefully consider.

Old Fire Alarm Systems Are Unreliable

Many longstanding businesses are housed in older buildings that are equipped with older types of fire alarm systems. These older fire alarm systems may not be working properly when a fire strikes unexpectedly. You need a reliable fire alarm system that is up to date with current code requirements and fire safety technology.

Integrated Fire & Security Alarm Systems Saves Money

While some companies do have fire alarm systems inside their buildings, most do not have integrated security and fire alarm systems. Upgrading to an integrated security and commercial fire alarm system Bowling Green KY help companies reduce cost. Most companies are paying for dual analog phone lines which can cost up to $145 for each line per month. An integrated fire and security alarm system will use the client’s network to communicate to the Central Station, saving businesses a lot of money.

Early Response Time During Fire Events Is Key for Safety

First responders need to be notified and dispatched quickly. Early response time during any fire event is key in saving property and lives that can never be replaced.

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