Why Smoke Detectors Aren’t Enough Fire Protection for Your Family

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Fire and Security

Smoke detectors are a good and useful tool to help protect your family from the dangers of a fire, but they aren’t the only tool you should use. Many fire protection companies around NJ area have listened to the tough reports of incidences of serious injury and death that could have been prevented by adding a sprinkler system to the home or apartment building.

Fires Can Spread Quickly

The entire home or floor of an apartment building can be fully engulfed in smoke and fire within minutes of a breakout. As long as the fire has enough fuel, which is oxygen and burnable materials, the fire can rage out of control quickly before you even have a chance to react to what is happening. You may not have enough time between waking from a smoke alarm to the point the room is fully filled with smoke before making an escape. Never use a smoke alarm as your only source of alert and action against fires. Ensure you are protected via the added peace of mind that sprinklers can bring.

Smoke Alarms Don’t Have Extinguishing Capabilities

No matter how loud a smoke alarm is, it has no capabilities to help extinguish the fire. Using an alarm in conjunction with a tested and effective sprinkler system can give you the time you and your family need to get out of a burning building without injury. It can also help minimize smoke and fire damage.

Smoke Detectors Can Fail

Smoke detectors normally operate with battery power. Once the batteries die, the device is useless in alerting you to danger. Most fire protection companies around NJ will advise that you should use them in combination with other methods of fire safety to ensure you and your family survive a catastrophic event. Place as much protection as possible within your home to stay safe from a devastating fire.

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