You Get a Smoother Ride When You Vape With VG Based Nicotine

In numerous ways, many vapers are a lot like traditional smokers used to be. There are some who prefer to get a fast rush and some who seek out a more mellow experience with less throat irritation. Previously, this was controlled by selecting a strong or mild tobacco to smoke. Now, much of the difference rests on the ratio of mixing agents used to get nicotine to vaporize to an inhalable state.

For the fast rush, a mixture heavy on PG, or propylene glycol, is generally regarded as the prescription. For a slower, more mellow hit, the ratio of VG, vegetable glycol, to PG rises. There are even some 100% mixtures that VG purists prefer.

VG based nicotine is primarily about the sensation whereas PG based nicotine is concerned with a sharper, more discernible taste. Those who are dedicated lovers of natural products are going to prefer VG to PG simply because the one is a natural derivative and the other is a synthetic chemical product.

Because of the somewhat interchangeable nature of the various vaping components, many people are experimenting with their own custom blends. Others are using PG or VG to slightly alter their favorite commercial offerings to make them just a slight bit more palatable to their own personal tastes.

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