Exploring Virtual Homeschooling in Yuma, AZ

There have been significant changes in the educational opportunities for children in Arizona over the last few decades. One of the most significant K-8 trends is the increase in the number of homeschooled children.

Homeschooling Versus Public School

Homeschooling has been on the rise nationwide as more parents opt to give their children a more versatile education platform as they grow. Increasingly parents are analyzing their child’s educational needs based on a variety of complex concerns. This often includes analyzing their capacity to thrive in a public school environment and what studies would be most beneficial for them. This has led to an increase in parents looking at homeschooling as the best opportunity to meet the needs of their children. Additionally, many parents have opted to seek homeschooling alternatives because of the rise of bullying, cultural shifts in the teaching curriculum, and negative peer pressure.

Finding a Great Virtual Homeschool in Yuma, AZ

Arizona offers parents an excellent opportunity to get all the benefits of public school in a homeschool platform, including a flexible class schedule, coursework designed to help each child thrive based on their abilities and interests, and a positive and supportive teacher-student interaction program.

If you are looking for the best virtual homeschool in Yuma, AZ for your child or children, Calibre Academy is a tuition-free public charter school that offers K-8 students the ability to learn in a homeschool environment. We provide an educational environment that promotes development and growth for the whole child by integrating principles of character development with a challenging academic curriculum catered to each child’s ability and interests. You can learn more about our program at www.calibreacademy.com.