Proper Etiquette When Hiring a Gay Escort

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Escort Service

If you’re thinking about hiring a gay escort in Manhattan for the first time, you may have questions about proper etiquette. Most people don’t exactly have a lot of friends to ask about this, so we wanted to offer some insight into the subject. If you aren’t sure what it is expected of you when embarking on this journey, we’ll help clear that up. This will ensure you have the best possible experience and don’t cross any lines you weren’t aware of.

Don’t Play Games

The man you choose to make an appointment with may be a gay escort in Manhattan, but this person is also just another guy like yourself. These are people with busy lives and escorting is only a small part of that. In some cases, men contact agencies and ask about making a date, but never follow through with it. This is not the impression you want to make. Don’t call or email unless you are serious about hiring someone. It’s a respect thing and easy to do right.

Stay Sober During the Date

Anytime that an escort is meeting someone new, there’s going to be a little anxiety going on. This person has no idea if you’re a good guy or something who is going to be trouble. You should avoid getting in situations where you might act out of character or lose control. Lay off of the booze and drugs and appreciate the experience for what it is. You may also want to avoid hiring an escort if your life is in emotional turmoil. The experience can be intense and may lead you to have feelings you don’t expect.

Consent Matters

Regardless of what happens on your date, you have no right to control what happens. If the man you’re with says no to something, that means no full stop. There are tons of things that are outside of people’s comfort zones and pushing past that is not a look you want to wear. Yes, you are paying for this person to spend time with you, but that doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.

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