Reasons for the Popularity of Laminate Wood Flooring in Oakland

Are you thinking about new flooring for the kitchen, a hallway or another area in your home? If so, you may want to consider laminate wood flooring. Discover three reasons why this type of flooring is so popular for busy households.


When you choose laminate wood flooring in Oakland, you can enjoy a floor that resists scratching and similar damage. So, if you have kids who like to run through the house with their friends or a dog that likes to run around on your floors, you can have peace of mind knowing your floors are designed to be durable. You can put an area rug over your durable floor for an extra touch of style.

Easy to Clean

Another reason why laminate wood flooring is so popular is that it is so easy to clean. You can clean it with a soft mop or set your vacuum cleaner to clean hard floors. The laminate material is made to shine with a minimal amount of cleaning. So, you can keep your floors looking great!

A Variety of Colors

Maybe you envision dark laminate wood flooring in your kitchen to go with your cabinets. Or, perhaps you like the idea of having light-colored flooring in your hallway to contrast with your walls of navy blue. No matter your preference, there is laminate wood flooring in a light, medium or dark shade of color to suit your needs. You can use it to set the tone of your décor or use it to enhance the décor you’ve created.

Finally, when you select laminate wood flooring in Oakland, you’re getting a type of flooring that is an appealing mixture of beauty and durability.

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