Why Vaping to Get Your Nicotine Is Better Than Smoking Cigarettes in the UK

When it comes to nicotine, people definitely have their preferred way of ingesting it. However, there is also the fact that some ways of using it are safer than others. There are many reasons why using pg based nicotine via vaping devices is much better for you than toking on a cigarette.

Less Chemicals

While nicotine is still an addictive chemical, on its own, it does far less harm than do all of the toxic chemicals that tobacco is treated with and that are found in cigarette smoke. Vaping nicotine does not result in heart issues, lung issues, as well as all of the other health problems that can be caused by traditional smoking.

No Odor

One main complaint about smoking cigarettes is that they smell very bad. Vape smoke has no odor at all. This means that you can enjoy your nicotine without making yourself smell bad as well as everyone else around you. There is also no risk of the smoke permeating your skin and affecting your glands.

Precision Dosing

When you smoke cigarettes, it is very difficult to determine how much nicotine you are actually getting. When vaping is used, you are in control of the precise dosage of pg based nicotine that you inhale. This actually makes it easier to quit smoking since you can wean yourself from nicotine by consistently lowering the levels.

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