Branding Your Own Coffee Line

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Biz Hybrid

It’s a big challenge to start your ground or whole bean coffee line, even if you have run a successful coffee shop. Part of the challenge is to carry over your successful local brand to a broader audience. As a part of branding, you need to have a logo that is instantly recognizable as being unique and associated only with your brand. Keeping your familiar logo is an excellent idea as your local audience already associates it with your brand. The same logo should appear on your website, any promotional merchandise, and the packaging for your product.

Off-The-Shelf or Custom?

There are lots of exciting ways to package coffee, but the key here is to choose a packaging that helps to retain that fresh roasted flavor. The process of roasting coffee is not as simple as it looks to outsiders and blending the beans to make a satisfying brew is a master level skill that most coffeeshop patrons never consider. A small artisan label has many options but needs to consider price and the effectiveness of the packaging material. Plastic food packaging in the form of coffee bags with the degassing valve is the norm for getting a product on store shelves. These bags have been outside layer of aluminum foil with the PET polyester coating, while the inside features a low-density polyethylene liner. Bags can be purchased blank or can be customized with logos and printing.

Yes, Plastic

Plastic food packaging is regulated by the FDA, which very closely monitors additives used in food contact substances. There are numerous options available including bags with a postconsumer recycled plastic content, and there is always the option to add a please recycle logo somewhere on the bag for your customers to see. Plastic is lightweight and inexpensive and easy for stores to stock on their shelves. While your artisanal heart may cry out for customized mason jars, launching with this layered foil and plastic bags will be better for your budget and distribution chances.

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