4 Ways to Match Your Space to the Perfect Wallpaper

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Wallpaper Boutique

The right wallpaper can bring your interior space to life. If you can’t decide whether to go for a York Wallpaper in Hawaii or something else, here are a few tips shopping tips for you:

Go with quality
That’s always the first consideration. The last thing you want are wallpapers that peel and fade in just under a few months’ time. Architectural Surfaces, Inc. make for a great option. With quality selections of different styles and materials, you have plenty of top picks to choose from.

Pick the mood
Color sets the mood and ambiance of a room. Decide on what kind you want for that space and that’s going to influence the kind of wallpaper you want. a York Wallpaper from Hawaii in warm colors can make your interiors feel more welcoming and warm. Intense colors are eye-catching and a great choice for communal or shared areas. Soft colors can induce a tranquil feel and help people relax. That’s why you see muted and soft colors in doctor’s offices and bedrooms.

Play with the light
Lighting also plays a huge role in highlighting or downplaying your walls. Match your York Wallcovering with one that brings out the pattern and colors—like metallic ones—in your wallpaper’s design, Better Homes and Gardens says. Also, make sure you know how different lighting styles could affect your rooms. Dark colors will absorb the light, making a room look and feel smaller while bright ones can expand that cozy space.

Work with accents
You could also use the wall covering to create the perfect background for your furniture, rugs or pillows, something that would complement instead of clash with the dominant colors in the room. That or go with one that picks out accents in your furniture.
With these tips, you should be ready to pick out the perfect wallpaper for your interiors.

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